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Missing child found after 15 years

Missing child found after 15 years

BALTIMORE — Twenty years, 10 months and two weeks after her daughter vanished, Cynthia Haag was inside the row house she refused to abandon — lest her missing child come back — when her phone started to ring. Haag steeled herself for yet another disappointment. But when she saw the Facebook profile picture later that day in March last year, she knew immediately. Same white straight teeth. Same crinkled eyes. Same luminous smile.

Questions started tumbling in her mind. Why did Crystal leave? Where had she been? Why had she come back?

missing child found after 15 years

And, most basic of all, was she OK? Late that night, after word had spread throughout the West Baltimore neighborhood, and the house had filled with people, Crystal finally appeared. Her hair was now short. She spoke Spanish somehow. And she was no longer Crystal Haag, who would have been 35, but had adopted the alias of Crystal Saunders, who was In that moment, however, none of those changes mattered. Roughly half a million children are reported missing every year, the vast majority of whom are soon found or return.

But in many cases, experts say, the situation is significantly more complicated. Lori Peterson, 60, a mother in Colorado Springs, Colorado, learned that a decade ago when her son, Derek, reappeared after four years. Meanwhile, back in Colorado Springs, Peterson deteriorated. Convinced he was dead, the family started doing DNA tests to see if he matched any cadavers.CNN A teenager who has been missing for two and half years has been found alive in a closet of a child pornography suspect in west Germany, police said.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Police said they found the missing boy in a closer during a house search. File image. The year old boy was found on Friday during a police search in Recklinghausen, in the German state on North Rhine-Westphalia. Police were searching a home of a year old man suspected of distributing child pornographywhen they stumbled on the boy. An investigation showed this was a year old boy who has been missing for a long time," the Recklinghausen police said in a statement.

A spokesman for the police told CNN the boy had been missing for two and half years. According to the police, there was no indication that the boy was held in the apartment against his will. The boy remains under police protection and has not been identified for legal reasons. Justice Department announces takedown of the 'largest' Darknet child pornography site.

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The police spokesperson said the year old man and another older man who was also in the apartment at the time were arrested. On Saturday, a judge granted a request from the public prosecutor's office and issued an arrest warrant for a serious sexual offense against the younger of the two men, the police said in another statement. The older man was released from custody. During the search, a police sniffer dog trained to detect electronic devices found a number of data storage units in the apartment.

The equipment is now being investigated, the police said.Michael John Devlin born November 19, [2] is an American criminal convicted of kidnapping and child sexual abuse. As a child, Devlin was adopted into a large family, where he had three brothers also adopted and two sisters. He grew up in Webster Groves, Missouri. His parents and siblings all live in Missouri. Before his arrest, Devlin worked as a manager for Imo's Pizza and as a part-time funeral home worker at Bopp Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri.

He was living in Kirkwood at the time of his arrest. He had changed "to a much quieter person" after he developed diabetes and had two toes amputated in On January 12,Devlin was taken into custody and charged with the abduction four days earlier of year-old Ben Ownby, whom police found that day.

At the time of his discovery, law enforcement officials found another missing boy, Shawn Hornbeck. He had disappeared on October 6,at age 11 while riding his bike to a friend's house in Richwoods, Missouri.

No one had heard from him until he was discovered in Devlin's apartment. The two boys were discovered after police noticed Devlin's white pickup truck, which matched the description of a vehicle in the vicinity of the abduction, in the parking lot of his apartment complex. They happened to be there to serve an unrelated arrest warrant.

He was separated from his family for a total of four years, three months and six days, during which time the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation and Search and Rescue Team were established. Both boys were reunited with their families after their discovery.

Soon after Devlin's arrest, prosecutors and investigators from Washington, Franklin, St. Charles police, formed a task force to investigate Devlin's possible involvement in other unsolved cases. Devlin, who had no criminal record at the time, [7] was charged with one count of kidnapping in Franklin County, Missourias well as one count of kidnapping and armed criminal action in Washington County.

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Prosecutors in the case said Devlin had already confessed. On February 5, St. The first 18 counts one count of kidnapping and 17 counts of forcible sodomy pertain to the abduction. The remaining 53 charges are kidnapping and forcible sodomy charges related to the abduction of Hornbeck. Franklin County Associate Circuit Judge David Tobben also denied a motion for her to turn over her notes to the attorneys, and denied or refused to immediately hear two other requests by Devlin's attorneys.

On February 28, a felony indictment in Franklin County charged Devlin with one count of child kidnapping and one count of armed criminal action for allegedly using a deadly weapon in kidnapping Ownby.

This grand jury indictment replaced the previous Franklin County kidnapping charge against Devlin and added the weapon charge. According to prosecutors, all six counts relate to the kidnapping of Hornbeck.

On October 6, prosecutors announced that Devlin would plead guilty to all charges against him in all four jurisdictions. On October 8, Devlin pleaded guilty to the charges against him in Franklin County. During that court appearance, he was sentenced to life in prison for child kidnapping and to a shorter, concurrent sentence for armed criminal action.

He appeared in the three other jurisdictions in which he had been charged in the Ownby, Hornbeck and child pornography cases, on October 9 and On the morning of October 9, Devlin pleaded guilty to charges against him in Washington County. During that court appearance, he was sentenced to three life sentences for kidnapping and other crimes against Shawn Hornbeck. On December 21, Devlin was sentenced to an additional years for making pornography of one of the boys while in captivity.

On April 9,during breakfast at the dining hall of Crossroads Correctional Center, Devlin was stabbed several times with two " ice picks " by another inmate in protective custodyTroy L. Fenton, who is serving a life sentence for robbery and for shooting a police officer.Julian Hernandez, who went missing when he was just five years old, has been miraculously recovered - but only after he applied to college. The boy who disappeared in Alabama in was found thousands of miles away in Cleveland, Ohio living with his father who has since been charged with his abduction.

The case may give hope renewed hope in the hunt for Maddie, who disappeared in while on holiday in the Algarve region of Portugal. Last month the hunt for missing Maddie was massively scaled back today after a eight-year long investigation. The team of 29 British detectives who have been searching for Maddie will be reduced to just four who will focus solely on the child's disapearance.

However, detectives may be encouraged as Julian was missing for even longer than Maddie but still was found alive. Julian, who is now 18 years old, was found after he struggled to apply for universities after his Social Security number was suddenly rejected. His father, Bobby Hernandez, 53, is currrently being held at a jail in Ohio. He is expected to face felony charges, including interference with custody, that could send him to prison for one to 10 years.

How Missing Alabama Boy Was Found Safe 13 Years Later

The FBI became involved and worked alongside Alabama Police to track down the long-missing child and confirm his identity. His mother, who originally reported his missing, has been notified of his recovery. She is reportedly "ecstatic" to find her son, however it will be up to Julian whether he wants to be reunited.

Kevin York said Julian Hernandez's mother was happy "but also somewhat hesitant because there had been so many false leads through the years".

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He added that because Mr Hernandez is an adult, "it's kind of up to him now as to whether he wants to come back. District Attorney Brandon Falls in Jefferson County, Alabama, said that it is unlikely that the boy even knew he was listed as missing.

The child went missing in August when his father offered to take him to pre-school. His father, who did not have custody of his son, allegedly snatched the youngster and changed their last name to Mangina.

He also had withdrew large amounts of cash from his bank accounts and the case was listed as a suspected non-custodial parent abduction. AP Julian Hernandez at the age of 5 and what he might look like today. AP Bobby Hernandez, 53, is currently being held at a jail in Ohio. Play slideshow. The mother who refused to be separated from her babies: Cat returns to find her kittens ALERT: Paedophile with 'obsession' for girls vanishes from psychiatric unit.A year-old Ohio boy missing for more than a year after witnessing a murder has been found alive in a basement, authorities said.

Police believe Jacob Caldwell ran away from the home of his grandparents, who were granted emergency temporary custody of him and his brothers, after Jacob's father, Robert Caldwell, was shot and killed by his ex-wife, Tawnney Caldwell, on Aug.

Jacob had last been seen Aug. Jacob was found at a home about 40 miles away in Miami Township late Monday night after an individual called investigators earlier that day with "very credible" information on his location, Brown said. Authorities obtained a search warrant late Monday after getting word Jacob may soon be moved, Brown said. When police arrived at the home, they found that Jacob had been living in the basement with four adults.

It does not appear that Jacob was being hidden in the basement, but rather that it was his "primary area of sleep," Brown said. He was healthy but remained quiet when they found him, and he looked like he hadn't had a haircut since he went missing. Jacob also went a year without attending school or socializing with friends, Brown said. It appears that all he has been doing for the past year is sitting inside, watching TV and playing video games, Brown said.

The adults who were in the home are not related to Jacob but are associated with his mother, Brown said. Authorities are considering filing obstruction of justice charges against the four adults as well as other charges against family members or "whoever initiated him taking off that night," Brown said. Billboards for Jacob had just been put up in the area last Wednesday, Brown said, adding that he believes that's what prompted the tip from the caller. Jacob is now being held in a juvenile detention on a previous warrant issued after he ran away from the home he shared with his father and stepmother, Brown said.

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missing child found after 15 years

Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? MORE: Family of girl missing since s helped dig in search for remains. Comments 0. Teen missing for a year after witnessing murder found alive in Ohio basement.

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources. Coronavirus updates: NY curve flattens despite highest daily death toll, Cuomo says. Some doctors moving away from ventilators for virus patients. ABC News Live.There is nothing more heartbreaking than the abduction of a child. Tragically, many of these atrocious crimes are never solved. However, for every sad ending, there is a beacon of hope that shines out.

Here are 20 bizarre stories about children who were kidnapped but found, in some cases years later…. Two years later, she was spotted by a group of vigilantes who rescued her and her four-month-old son. Two-year-old Elijah Wong and seven-year-old Donnie Simmons were found one month after they were kidnapped.

Xiao Yun, 14, fled her home in rural China after a fight with her parents. Ten years passed, and they all thought she was dead. Imagine their surprise when they found out she had been living in Internet cafes playing video games and surviving on handouts from patrons sometimes working as a cashier the whole time.

Julian Hernandez, 18, had no idea that his own father had kidnapped him from his mother in until he started applying to colleges and discovered that his social security number was fake.

With some assistance from a school counselor, he found himself on a missing children database. Thankfully, police discovered her in and returned her to her family, while Phillip and Nancy were both sent to prison. Steven Stayner of Merced, California, was abducted by a man named Kenneth Parnell in December when he was just seven years old. Kenneth held Steven captive, sexually assaulting him and torturing him for eight years; he even convinced Steven that his family gave him away. Steven finally broke out in after Kenneth kidnapped another boy and the two vowed to escape together.

A man named Steve Carter had been scrolling through a website dedicated to missing children cases in when he saw something that stopped him in his tracks: there on the site was a photograph that looked exactly like him as a youth. Using this information, he was able to confirm that his own mother had kidnapped him as a baby and put him in an orphanage 30 years earlier.

InElizabeth Smart was captured by an unhinged Mormon fundamentalist and his wife who were intent on making her his second bride. Thankfully, she was identified while at an event with her captors and she was freed. Richard Wayne Landers was abducted by his paternal grandparents and taken to live with them in Missouri when he was just five years old.

Authorities discovered him alive and well when he was in his twenties. Shawn Hornbeck of Missouri was abducted in when he was just His kidnapper, Michael Devlin, changed his name, beat him, and brainwashed him, but his family never stopped looking for him. He was found four years later, and his kidnapper received three back-to-back life sentences. Danielle Cramer was 15 when she went missing in June Police located her when they arrived at the West Hartford, Connecticut, home of Adam Gault one year later to arrest him for murder… and they discovered Danielle hidden in a locked cupboard instead.

He had kept them prisoners for more than a decade. Ariel, meanwhile, killed himself in prison. Charlie Bothuell, 12, was reported missing from his Detroit, Michigan, home on June 14, Little Kyron Horman has been missing and his mother just put up this billboard in WA state….

This boy needs to be home with his Momma :. He was last seen at school on June 4, He was also wearing black cargo pants, white socks, and black Sketchers sneakers with orange trim.

missing child found after 15 years

Kyron may wear glasses. Terri Horman says in a brief that a criminal investigation is under way, and the civil suit should be stayed two years while it plays out. Investigators have long focused on Terri Horman, although they have not named her as a suspect or filed criminal charges. The boy was reportedly last seen on the morning of June 4, at Skyline Elementary School in Portland, where his stepmother had taken him for a science fair.

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Friends and family members said they plan to put together another search effort this summer. But Lt. And he said the investigation is definitely still active. The stepmother of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman has moved out of Oregon. Four months later, Horman applied for another name change in Lane County. She wanted to change her name to Claire Kisiel, but later withdrew the request. Terri [says] she did not harm or kill Kyron and has no idea what happened to him or where he is.

A Facebook group has been established to help disseminate information about Kyron and raise funds for ongoing search efforts.

The story of a Texas woman who reportedly shared a Facebook post claiming the coronavirus outbreak was a hoax — and later reportedly died from the virus — reminds us of the dangerous potential of misinformation.

The coronavirus responsible for COVID has deadly adaptations that make it perfect for infecting humans.

But this is a testament to natural selection, not bioengineering. Pollution levels in India did drop dramatically in Aprilbut beyond that the story gets a little more hazy. The U. No, but Walmart and other stores have set aside dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens. According to Arizona Rep. Masks were commonly worn during the "Spanish flu" pandemic, but this photograph doesn't show them.

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