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Deloitte advisory vs consulting salary

Deloitte advisory vs consulting salary

I am just curious about the starting salary for the Graduate role in Consulting or Advisory in the Big 4. I dont know whether this logic holds… but any informed comments would be appreciated…. This is what a friend was offered 6 weeks ago. It takes up to 7 years to pass all those exams. In some cases, with advisory, you still have to do the ACA qualification or some other qualification. You need to do the research before hand. You are right though, if there is no qualification with the role, then the salary will be slightly higher than the ones quoted above.

I can also confirm that the figures quoted are about correct. Also I dont know about all the Big 4 firms but in advisory at PwC and at least some of the advisory positions at Deloitte you still have to do your ACA qualifications so it seems fair that you would get the same salary as others doing these qualifications. I was just looking at EY Advisory roles, they dont seem to provide the ACA or similar qualitfication… maybe they offer a higher salary then…. Two things to point out though, if you have to do the ACA qualification in an Advisory role, you will have to work in audit.

Advisory tends to be more decent hours moreso outside London than in London. In my opinion, this is pretty good. PwC will always give you the market rate…There is nothing wrong in purusing your other applications but just bear in mind that if you are working for PwC, it is very likely that you will working with the top business names and the loss in income will be compensated by the calibre of clients that you are working with…maybe I am biased in favour of PwC.

Probably other consulting firms will give you more money but they are not the No. Do you know anything about how the salary progresses from starting? I am intrigued as to how they increase pay and when. I know with other service lines that include study for professional services you may have your salary increased upon completion of certain targets, but if you are not studying towards a qualification how will they increase the salary and will you lose out over time?

I am beginning to question my long-held understanding that consultants always earn more…. PwC is now buiding its consultancy back up again and are recruiting like mad. Poaching from other consultancies. They all sold their consultancies except Deloitte.

How I Became A Consultant Despite Being A [Terrible] Student

Hi everyone, I am just curious about the starting salary for the Graduate role in Consulting or Advisory in the Big 4. Very similar to audit. Hi I can also confirm that the figures quoted are about correct. Littlelegs, thank you very much for the valuable information. Are performance bonuses significant? Thanks in advance guys. Thanks guys, Do you know anything about how the salary progresses from starting?When it comes to competitive financial ambition, there's no field like the corporate consulting field.

Each of these consulting behemoths boasts a cutthroat career ladder overstuffed with rivals willing to do whatever it takes to beat you out for a foothold on the next rung, but if you can make it through the mosh pit at the bottom, you can climb to a level of fabulous wealth.

deloitte advisory vs consulting salary

Money's not the only reason to choose a career at Deloitte. As Management Consulted put it, "Deloitte was named the best place to launch a career by Business Week in and If money doesn't motivate you, you won't be a good fit at Deloitte because its business is all about helping clients make more money.

Consulting salaries: which firms pay best?

If you sign up, you'll be joiningother ambitious Deloitters worldwide. Partners don't merely offer their brains in consultations with clients. At a top firm like Deloitte, they direct entire teams or departments of specialists and associates and oversee annual budgets of billions of dollars. The pressure is intense, but the rewards are significant. The past 30 years have seen an increase in partners, which has led to an interesting stratification. There are two types of Deloitte partners, and their compensation scales couldn't be more different.

The lower rung is the salaried partner or junior partner. These people have done well, and demand and expect promotions, but they've reached the top level of their given field.

They're given the title of partner, but their compensation remains of the salary-plus-benefits type. The equity partner or senior partner not only has a salary with benefits and a rich expense account but also receives a share of the firm and the firm's profits. There are far fewer equity partners than salaried partners, which concentrates the wealth and makes sure that the direction of the company does not become too democratized.

That's not tremendously impressive, particularly considering the number of hour days you are expected to put in during that time. However, when you reach the status of partner, everything changes. From these starting points, you progress through a barrage of titles to reach the coveted partner status. All of their numbers are unspecific, varying and larger because of the equity itself.

A Deloitte equity partner or Deloitte director salary is a rung above a Deloitte salary partner salary, and then there's the equity to take into account. The Economic Times quotes a Deloitte partner as saying, "In the equity partnership model, the math is simple. About 30 percent of total revenues goes toward salaries of team members, 20 to 30 percent of the total revenues to a partner, and the rest to the firm. Equity partners have a say in the composition of the board, as they are shareholders.

Equity partners are expected to come up with capital to put into the firm. The amount can reach to up to 25 percent of their regular salary. The company matches the amount put into the pool, and the company uses the pool for investment and business development in that partner's particular field of responsibility.My first deadline to accept an offer is coming up, but I'm feeling pretty torn this is a serious ask.

I feel that a lot more people reached out to me during the process; I received the offer earlier too so there's a bit of an attachment. The office is in the city where my college is, so I'll likely have some friends in the area. BCG pro: The people there feel more approachable, and I was told that the trajectory for promotions are both more reliable and predictable. I think my parents want me to take this one. They seem to have pretty cool benefits like subscriptions for Headspace, unpaid leave for any amount of time, etc.

Deloitte pro: Big company with a lot of potential horizontal movement if consulting isn't my thing though I think I'll enjoy it from what I've learned so far.

Also in the city of my college. I've been told by people to try to break my options down in different categories that I care about - stuff like long-term career goals, people, etc. I want to add Deloitte on here because I also really liked it from what I have seen. I did not recruit with any other companies. Both the options are obviously great. I would not consider salary, perks and locations as not critical for the reasons mentioned by Vlad - unless you are very strongly linked to a group of friends in one of the two cities which are absolutely essential for you.

And the McK brand. For the location - you will be traveling most of the time and will not spend a lot of time at the office, so you can always take a flight to your parents place anyway. The difference in salary is not important since on the other side McKinsey has faster growth. McKinsey has unpaid leave.

Headspace subscription - are you serious about this benefit?

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People are the same and different everywhere. I would not give you the answer since I am obviously a biased McK person, but most of the reasons that you've provided here are either subjective or unpredictable.

Deloitte isn't in the same ballpark at all. MBB comp is always very similar - if one gives a little higher bonus, the other will make up for in bonus. Any difference will be short lived, is central they all track each other. You should probanly decide between these two based on the people and culture first and foremost.

Beyond this, there are slight variations between offices, post-consulting opportunities and whatnot, but you cant go wrong either way. Case Interviews can be led by the candidate or by the interviewer: In Candidate-led cases the main challenge is the structure.Welcome toand our annual management consulting salaries report!

The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Big players in the consulting industry have expanded their capabilities through strategic acquisitions. Boutique players continue to enter the market, threatening the bigger players with their lower fee offerings.

Additionally, large corporations have increased their reliance on in-house strategy houses. Amidst structural changes in the consulting industry, the industry has continued to grow. Overall, the impact of these changes on consulting salaries has put upward pressure on U.

The type of hiring consulting firms are conducting is also changing. This year, many consulting firms have increased their recruitment of specialists especially those with technological expertiseexperienced hires, and candidates from non-target schools.

Deloitte Advisory vs Deloitte Consulting

Below are salary figures for those joining management consulting positions in All salary figures are in U. If you have any management consulting salary data you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. As always, your anonymity is guaranteed. Reach out to be included. Monthly internship salaries are typically prorated based on starting salaries for new hires.

Here are the internship salaries:. What fun are full-time consulting offers when there is no bonus? Full-time hires can receive signing bonuses, relocation bonuses, end-of-year performance bonuses, and more.

Interns are less likely to receive bonuses, although some firms do offer relocation or signing bonuses. When analyzing these bonuses, there are 6 things you should keep in mind:. The salaries above are for full-time hires and interns coming straight from university. Often, our interview prep clients will receive slightly higher job offers in tech than in consulting.

However, the salary growth in management consulting outpaces many industry positions. Because of that, the net income after a few years in consulting can exceed those in other industries, despite an initially lower base pay. Additionally, when promoted to the next level which usually happens every yearsthe increase in your income is substantially larger. Note that most full-time recruits will not make it to Partner. Many consulting firms have an up-or-out promotion structure.

Because of the up-or-out structure and attractive exit opportunities, only a small percentage of recruits make it all the way to Senior Partner. Regardless, the salary growth is substantial for each promotion you receive at a consulting firm. Although your salary increases relatively rapidly within a top consulting firm, you typically receive a pay increase when leaving. In the U. There is a large variation in management consulting salaries within firms across different countries.

We have observed extremely high management consulting salaries in the U. And surprisingly, consulting salaries in London are relatively lower given its high cost of living. If you accept a consulting offer in any country, you will likely be paid more than the average local employee with a similar tenure in professional service industries. This has two important implications. In other firms, salaries are sometimes adjusted to account for living costs.

For example, a Big 4 consultant working in New York often receives a slightly higher salary than a Big 4 consultant in Dallas. Overall, consulting salaries remain highly competitive when compared to other industries. Finance firms are a notable exception—their salaries are higher but their work-life balance is often worse.I'm considering a position with Deloitte Advisory.

While this position is different from Deloitte Consulting, I've found there are many similarities. I was wondering if anyone with experience would be able to compare the two. Particularly the general attitudes at Deloitte between them and the exit opportunities each presents. I'm looking at Advisory at all of the Big 4, but I'm concerned that if I picked up Deloitte Advisory it might just feel like a lesser version of Deloitte Consulting, whereas the other Big 4 may have much more fleshed out Advisory practices.

You may be stretching the term "advisory" a bit. I'm guessing you're talking about Deloitte Financial Advisory Services? It being something different than the traditional "consulting" role, it's not exactly comparable to the rest of the Big 4's "advisory" arms and of course a step down [or perhaps, more aptly, just different] than Deloitte Consulting.

I am also interested in getting into Big Four advisory. I was wondering what you majored in, and if they Big Four prefer accounting students for their advisory vs finance students.

Thanks for any info, it's much appreciated. Besides Deloitte where I applied into general Advisory, with the other firms I've been interviewing primarily with Advisory focused in Financial Services. My experience in retail banking and consulting internship experience are what made me most competitive.

This is for undergrad btw. As far as CPA, none of the firms care if you can get it for Advisory. When asking if they prefer I obtain it I can go either waythey said it really came down to my personal preference. Back to phila, I'm very familiar with what the role is. My real question revolves around what you can transition into from Deloitte Advisory versus Deloitte Consulting.

I guess it depends on your perspective of new. It is not brand new. Forensic audit and valuation are two of the bigger groups. It would be good experience, but it is not investment banking.But sometimes you want to look beyond the intangible. You just want to know exactly what your Big 4 salary is going to be. Frustrated or confused by the Big 4 hiring process? I know I was before I joined Deloitte!

Click here to find out morethe next session is happening soon! The more results we obtained, the higher the convergence between each of the Big 4 salary data points. Each of the Big 4 continuously benchmarks against each other such that salary is rarely a contributing factor when someone moves between them. Yes we know, this is what you really care about. Why would a Deloitte tax employee earn more than a Deloitte audit employee? Well, some graduate jobs are just intrinsically more valuable than others.

This is often a case of supply vs demand. Now take a computer science candidate who wants to work in cyber security consulting. In that case, everyone from Google to Bains could be trying to recruit them. Anyone that lives in NYC will know all about the outrageous real estate market. This is also reflected to an extent… in your starting salary.

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Notice the interesting variation in these numbers. Note also that following the Enron scandal, Deloitte is the only one of the Big 4 that has a true consulting business competing with Bains, etc. In general, NYC pays the highestfollowed by other larger cities, with regional offices in Mid-America paying the least. The Big 4 firms actually love hiring non-traditional candidates… imagine how dull and uninspiring the workplace would be if they ONLY hired 22 year old Ivy league graduates.

I know people who got hired into entry level positions with zero experience in the field…. But Senior is the first real Big 4 promotion. Performance reviews at this stage of your career are based not so much on project earnings but rather your progress on learning the day-to-day and particularly your delegation and people management skills. Across the board this represents an approximate 14 percent year-on-year increase in your Big 4 salary, assuming promotion at the end of the second year.

deloitte advisory vs consulting salary

Especially compared to the average U. Now before you get too excited, this is a good time to raise an important point.

deloitte advisory vs consulting salary

But be aware that there is a general understanding that it does take a minimum amount of time to reach a certain skill level. It comes down to a combination of the time spent with a firm which allows you to gain the experience you need and also merit. Promotion typically takes between five and seven yearsbut depending on the firm, you are likely to spend a relatively long time at the Manager level. This means that the Big 4 salary ranges are going to vary considerably. A first year Manager will be paid a lot less than someone ready for their Senior Manager promotion.

Seattle has now fallen behind Chicago in consulting pay. Maybe consulting Managers are not as valuable as new hires in that region. Senior Managers run projects from start to finish. They have access to the biggest clients, yet are not personally bought into the business. They have high levels of responsibility but not ultimate sign off. Much like the Manager promotion, this business case will include a set of requirements that need to be met.

But for Senior Manager there is a greater focus on leadership, people development and revenue. Many of the Big 4 firms only promote to Senior Manager when they expect that you have a chance of making Partner.For You. Start Salary Survey. Salary Research.

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